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  •  Analogies and relationships.


  •   Evidence of human habitation in landscape. 


  •   Cyclical patterns, geological formations, archaeological evidence. 


  •   Layers of time, as in sedimentary layers of rock, as in the pages of books, as in piles of   letters... 


Natural processes and patterns, the human mind, the visual medium of expression.


Source and subject:


Sea Stories                Images and text from maritime history and literature.


Urns & Jars               Internment, preservation, containment.


Layers                        Geological layers, pages of books. 


Correspondence        Archives of letters, distant conversations, layers of personal archive.

First Footfall              First human imprints after the Ice Age


One Green Field         The framing of an impulse. 

Arctic Words               Forms of ice above and below surface.  Inuit names for ice.

Chemical Cauldron     Hydrothermal vents.  

Wordless Dialogues   They speak for themselves.

Axeheads.                   Time.


Nylon                           Twisted pieces of rope - released tension.


Serpentine                 Energy - chemistry.

Snake and Ladders.   Exploration of design...  


All paintings water colour on Arches 640grm paper

inbox II

inbox II

Arctic  640x640mm

Arctic 640x640mm

Rags 340x260mm

Rags 340x260mm

Correspondence IV 635x392mm

Correspondence IV 635x392mm

Post 230x300mm

Post 230x300mm

Folders 900x600mm

Folders 900x600mm

Timeline 630 x 502mm

Timeline 630 x 502mm

Ice and Words   262 x 262mm   sold

Arctic   288 x 275mm

Letters to Orkney 780 x 560mm   sold
Kist 650 x 655mm.   sold
Silence & Noise 905 x 595mm
First Foot Fall  515 x 515mm
Cloud I jpg.jpg
Crumpled Letter.jpg

Draft      480 x 460mm

Cloud   600 x 900mm   sold
o+l=s  700mm x 700mm   sold
'say something'! .jpg

say something  850 x690mm 

black feather 470x470mm.jpg
black feather 470x470mm
white feathers 470x470mm.jpg
white feathers 470x470mm
oat stalks.jpeg

False Oatgrass I   600 x 400mm   sold


Layers    940 x625mm


Fallen Letters  700 x 700mm.    2019

Jadite axe.jpg
 Jade Axe 950x 650mm.   2020
NYLON  1130x820mm.jpg
Broken  950 x 750mm   sold.   2021
Red Band.jpg

Red Band  950 x 950mm sold.  2021

broken II 720x525mm.JPG

Broken II 720x525.    2021


Twist  1134 X 840mm   2021

Maritime 950x 650mm sold

Root  1150X 850mm       2021

Tangled Shore 1390x960mm.jpg

watercolour 880 x680mm
Loosely based on ocean hydrothermal vents and their chemistry

Tangle Shore
watercolour 1390 x 960mm 
Intertidal zone  


sea stories.jpg

Sea Stories 'series'  
950 x 950mm
A lost pouch containing the unknown contents of a Mesolithic navigator

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